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ala's Journal
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Sunday, January 4th, 2009
8:21 pm
Yes We Can Inaugural Ball - Celebrate Inauguration Day (January 20)
I'm so excited by the upcoming Inauguration. For the first time in my life I want to do something. So I'm celebrating and I hope you'll join me for it. I haven't bought a gown in, well, so long ago I can't remember. See me in a ultra-rare gown appearance. Celebrate Obama's Inauguration. Wheeeee! I'm very happy.

Yes We Can Inaugural Ball


January 20, 2009

Historic Del Monte Building

100 South Murphy Street

Sunnyvale, CA

6:30-11 pm

More information: ball@bayareaforchange.com


Come celebrate  our new President barack Obama with friends, neighbors, and fellow supporters
Dancing and entertainment for all
uffet dinner. No host bar.

Welcoming to couples, singles, and single attendee of mixed (Obama supporter and non-Obama supporter) couples).

Cost $65

White Tie or Gown Encouraged

Sponsored by Bay Area for Change

Make checks out to: Bay Area for Change, Send to: BAFC, 506 Wagman Dr, San Jose, CA 95129. Please include your email address so your tickets can be confirmed.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
1:00 am
High Stakes 2004: Whedon Fans for John Kerry & John Edwards
I'm the National Chairperson for this event. It truly will be shiny.


In every four-year term there is a chosen one. He alone will face the American public, the United Nations, and the forces of darkness. He is the President.

Join us and the Kerry/Edwards campaign at one of the High Stakes parties, or host one of your own. You'll participate in a nationwide conference call to hear Joss Whedon tell us more about his latest endeavors and why he is supporting John Kerry and John Edwards. Joss has agreed to answer questions, with a goal of answering one question from each party if possible.

The "Sitch"

When: Sunday, October 24, 2004, time 1-5 pm Pacific/ 4-8 pm Eastern. Joss Talks at 2 pm Pacific/ 5 pm Eastern

Where: At parties nationwide.

See www.highstakes2004.com for more information.

What: This is a fundraiser for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. Donations of $35 to $2,000 and anything in between. Hosts may choose higher minimum donations.

Questions: contact questions@highstakes2004.com.

Visit the High Stakes web site for further details and tips for organizing your own party.

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
10:38 pm
Keep Hope Alive
Into the fray again. I'm in the convention center again.  Right now Jessie Jackson is speaking. "Keep Hope Alive" he chants. We chant back. There is a massive feeling of energy when 15,000 people are chanting.

Our soon to be new CA Treasurer John Chiang (with some help from our California voters) says cheer back loudly. We'll hear you. Can I hear you now?

The more frantic thing that is going on is counting delegates.  How does someone become the Democratic candidate for President? Watch tonight. This is when it happens. Right now this is Ground Zero for the action.  As we come in the delegates have been instructed to find a Whip. These are people in what our head of delegation, Art Torres, called the CalTrans vests. These are yellow, netted vests that do remind me of the construction trades. They are the voice of the leaders of our delegation. They give out the signs and other items for us to hold, they take messages to solve issues, and most importantly, they corral the delegates when they need to vote.

So how do we vote? On TV what you see is some major elected like a Senator or Governor announcing the States vote. Behind the scenes it is far less glamorous. We are presented with a piece of paper on a clipboard. On it are the names of each of the Presidential candidates. We check our preference and sign our name. Our chief whip is busily counting up all the delegation votes to be sure we have everyone. Not everyone has checked in and people are missing.

It looks quite frantic but in California every vote counts. Later our Senator will be giving a speech and announcing the results. Look for us on TV.

More afterwards. I'm going to listen to some speeches.
Monday, July 26th, 2004
4:53 pm
At the Democratic National Convention
As I type this I'm seated in the middle of the California Delegation at the Democratic National Convention. There is something surreal about that.

So how did I get here? Well, I was elected a Kerry Delegate early this year thanks to a lot of support from friends. Let me paint the picture for you. Imagine a large arena with stadium style seating. The seating is divided by States with red, white, and blue signs to portion off each delegation. All delegates sit within their delegations. Each State arranges this differently. Some have assigned seats while others, like California, go for the more open seating approach.

Elected officials mingle with delegates. In my row Attorney General of California Bill Lockyear sits with his wife.

We've just been asked to stand and watch a digital camera which has taken a picture of the whole convention. Say 'Kerry' the person on stage says. Much of the audience responds ' Kerry' while the rest replies with an impromptu 'Edwards.' This continues for several minutes until the picture is done. Now a band is playing 'Dancing in the Streets' and people are swaying to the music. The intensity of 15,000+ people is quite amazing. There is nothing like it I've experienced anywhere else. This is only day one. We haven't gotten to anything more exiting than a speech from the Mayor of Boston.

Apparently I spoke too soon. Just as I typed that the Chairman of the DNCC was announced. He's now speaking and I'm going to listen. More soon.

Current Mood: excited
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